Week 53 – April 14-April 20, 2019,  39 Nautical miles this week, 4,524 Nautical miles to date 


Sunday: We rest one more day based on weather and complete some last minute chores around Kailani. We do three loads of wash, clear our bill in the marina office, clean up the interior of Kailani and turn in for a good night’s sleep before departing tomorrow.

Monday: The seas should still be a bit rough, with winds in the low teens and waves less than half a foot with 5 second periods. When we get out into Hawk Channel we find waves four times higher than my check of the forecast! I later realize that since getting a new iPhone, my settings were on default and the 0.3-0.5 foot waves I was expecting were actually 0.3-0.5 meters!  So the forecasters  And Tracy!   -tc   had it right since the waves were more like 2 plus feet with mostly heavy chop! Oh well, at least I found the error and re-configured the settings. 

The first 2 hours after leaving Key West we were surrounded by Navy jets circling the skies above us flying out of Naval Air Station Key West. Some of the patterns gave us some great photo ops and some very loud sounds.

After nearly 4 hours of bouncing around, we were negotiating Moser Channel and passing under Seven Mile Bridge with just a few miles to go to reach familiar Faro Blanco Resort and Marina. We called the marina on VHF 16, then switched to VHF 09 and Tom and Bill were at the slip waiting for us as we had some difficulty with the crosswinds in the east basin. At last we were secured with bow in so we could use the starboard power inlets since the stern inlets were still roasted. 

While we were underway, I had called Kahuna Boat Wiring and John was very helpful and knowledgeable, he said to text him our contact info and vessel location anytime before the end of the day and he’d show up tomorrow to troubleshoot the problem, then make arrangements for the repairs. So after we were safely tied up at slip F113, I sent him the info and we went off to the Lighthouse Grill for the early bird special dinner. 

Tuesday: Tracy called Sean again to let him know we were back in Marathon and if he was available, we’d appreciate him showing up to install the replacement starter solenoid on the dinghy motor.   John? Sean?  Who can keep everyone apart??  -tc  Oh, did I mention, we also walked across the street to the Tackle Box for 2 dozen shrimp so Tracy could get back to catching fish.   Ok, OK!  Some people drink, I fish.  Jeekers!  -tc  

We waited all day for John to show up and he didn’t. That’s a disappointment as he came to us highly recommended. At least we made the walk over to West Marine and purchased the new power inlets and 2 new 30 amp fifty foot power cords, so we were all ready for John to show up, he just didn’t. 

The bad news was we weren’t getting our power inlets repaired, the good news was the weather was keeping us locked down, so we still had more time to try and chase him down tomorrow. 

Today is our 42nd anniversary so we decided to return to Lighthouse Grill for an Anniversary dinner and Frank, our waiter learned of our anniversary and brought a complimentary decorated slice of key lime pie and two forks. Nice gesture for sure and it certainly made us feel appreciated as customers.  20190416_184307OMG! I never had a piece of Key lime pie so tart!  All I could do was pucker and move it around my plate las if I was eating it.  I ate the whipped cream off the top and then smushed the rest into the plate like  kid with peas and told Frank, “Oh, thank you so much, that was wonderful and I just can not eat another bite!   -tc   

Wednesday: I called John at my first opportunity and while his phone was ringing, I received a text from him saying he was on the phone with tech support and would call me right back. So I hung up and waited for his return call. Guess what??? All day and no return call. I was really starting to get frustrated with this company, even to the point of writing a bad review in my head ready to file it on-line. Again, the weather was keeping us locked up so we decided to try again tomorrow to reach out to him.

Thursday: This morning, Tracy asked if she could place the call and maybe she’d have better luck. And sure enough, he answered on the first ring and told Tracy he apologized and he would have two electricians on Kailani first thing Friday morning. Now this was finally good news. Also, Sean confirmed with Tracy that he would be by this afternoon to take care of the dinghy motor. So all we had to do was relax, enjoy the Florida Keys weather and the Lighthouse Grill, and the hungry fish. 

Around noontime, John called me, apologized again for going dark on us and said his 2 electricians were actually on their way over today right after they finished up their lunch break. So at 1pm Dan and Mark showed up and less than 2 hours later we had three new power inlets installed (2 new at the stern and 1 new at the starboard) and our power was finally returned to normal. Then they only charged us for one hour, so I verified with them that that was correct and that they were being fair with themselves and they were happy to get a check for one hour of service and we were ecstatic.

Then at nearly 5pm, Sean showed up and after doing some troubleshooting, he was able to get our motor starting again electrically without replacing the solenoid. He determined that there was a bad connection with the cables to the battery and that it will probably work for another year, but he recommended that we consider replacing the battery as soon as it makes sense for us. But at least now, Tracy can go out by herself in the dinghy and still start the motor without further aggravation to her ailing shoulder. So all in all, today was a great day for repairs.

Before the day is over, we find out that our good friends, Dale and Merna aboard the Journey have crossed their wake! They started in March 2018 from Savannah, GA and on April 18th, 2019 they’ve safely and successfully crossed their wake.   Crossing your wake means finally going the entire route around the Loop.  We all “Cross our wake” at different points depending on where the boat stated. -tc    We are so happy for them and hopefully we’ll meet up again with them somewhere on the waters.

Friday: We’re still socked in here but we’re thinking we might be able to start up again tomorrow, so another day of R and R in Marathon, Florida. We could really get used to this lifestyle, but for now we need to continue on our journey and make our way back to Connecticut for the summer.

Saturday: We start the day making all preparations for departure, and at the last minute before pulling away from the dock in a moderate crosswind, we decide to stay put for one more day because the forecast for Sunday is spectacular while the forecast today is only good if moving is a necessity. We have the luxury of no agenda, no schedule so the decision to stay is only based on availability of the slip we’re sitting in and once the marina confirms we can stay, the lines go back onto the dock, the power gets re-connected and we are living here for another day, which suits us fine.  *Yawns and takes another nap.*  -tc