January 2016- The Visit

We let Capt. Geoff know we would like to make a visit in January for a week to cruise with some friends and spend more time learning the vessel’s systems.  However, the Gods have a different plan for us and the evening before we are to fly down, Captain Geoff calls us and with sorrow in his voice, and lets us know the port fuel tank busted a leak and he had to take it out of commission!  He did a masterful job of containing the spill, pumping out the tank before any major damage and neutralizing the odor.  No EPAWell, it hurt to lose our tank, but with Captain Geoff on board, the potential disaster is averted.  It’s the best we could have hoped for under the circumstances.

Captain Geoff gets both engines running off the starboard fuel tank and essentially, we have a functioning vessel with a slight list to starboard!

Once we get on board, we meet up with our friends Linda and Harland from Massachusetts and Captain Geoff is on board still working on some unfinished items.  Our friends spend a day on board with us helping with the general cleaning and some small repairs, then after they leave one of our sons comes down for a few days to help us work and play on the vessel.  He’s very talented with electricity and is a huge help with some projects.  Captain Geoff completes the new windlass installation and we install the new chain rode and brand new shiny Ultra Anchor.  Ultra anchorAfter our son leaves for home, we take the boat out to Farber Cove with Captain Geoff to work on some much-needed anchoring training.  The Ultra Anchor is un-beatable with quick setting and fantastic holding.  By the way our total rode is 300’ comprised of 200’ of chain and 100’ of rope, which we designed to satisfy all planned anchoring situations on the loop.

Our other project this particular trip was to meet with Joe, our graphics designer and settle on the boat name graphics.  Tracy had been working on our design for two months now and it really paid off when we met with Joe.  He would create all the lettering and install on the transom as well as port and starboard to be ready for our trip north later in the spring.

Once we had a day to ourselves, we decided to take her out and return to Farber Cove to do some anchoring and work on communication skills.  It was a very windy day and we had an ordeal just pulling out of the slip!  So much for my confidence in boat handling skills dating back to that docking job I did at LaBelle Marina the previous September.  We decided from that day forward, we needed to get better at communication and patience.

We ended up buying a pair of hands free headset walkie talkies.  Their nickname in the boating community are “marriage savers”.  Marriage saversThis way we can talk without raising out voices and yelling at each other.  Now if we can just remember to keep them charged and wear them!  They also can play music via bluetooth, but more about that later.  -tc

All in all is was nice to spend a week in Florida on our new vessel.